Consultation Requirements

Consultation Requirements

Forensic Consultation

In conducting a Forensic Death Consultation, Dr. Adcock will examine police procedures, crime scene steps utilized, evidence collection and handling procedures, crime laboratory analyses, autopsy results, statements by witnesses and suspects, and all other matters associated with the investigation. Efforts will be made to reconstruct the death case through the physical, psychological and informational aspects of the investigation.

Forensic Consultation Requirements

In order to obtain a meaningful and accurate evaluation, all of the following materials, if available, should be provided:

All investigative reports (initial and supplemental)

Crime scene and autopsy photographs

Crime scene notes, sketches and drawings

Medical reports related to the incident (EMS, ER, Hospital, etc)

Autopsy report and sketches

Crime laboratory reports

Listing of all collected evidence, whether forensically evaluated or not

Coroner's or medical examiner's reports including notes, photographs, etc.

Copies of all witness statements, oral or written

Video tapes of scene, interrogations or interviews

Other material as dictated by the case


Forensic Experts

The proper conduct of a death investigation requires the expertise of many different disciplines that should work together as a team. It is not unusual during a consult to identify an aspect of a death case that, in order to be accurately evaluated needs to be viewed by one who specializes in a particular field. This could be a first time analysis or one conducted to validate previous evaluations. Examples of this could be a blood pattern analyst, a firearm Reconstructionist, a forensic photographer, a forensic pathologist, and an engineer to acoustical experts to one of a multitude of experts found in today's forensic disciplines. To accomplish our goal of providing the client with the necessary information to make informed decisions, Dr. Adcock will unhesitantly identify the expertise needed to properly resolve an issue. Then, he will either provide the expert to the client or make arrangements for one to conduct the analysis.